Dr. Dinesh Kumar Choudhary


Managing Director, Ideal Pharmaceuticals


At Ideal, we believe that sound health is the basis of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and a prosperous nation.

That’s why a team of like-minded professionals joined hands to initiate this noble project, aimed to keep people healthy at every age and stage of life.

We strive to unleash our high-tech manufacturing facility to innovate and produce superior quality medicines within reach of everyone in all corners of Nepal, at the price everyone can afford.

Our patient-first approach drives every decision we make and the actions we take.

We will strive to lead by innovation and be the epitome of change in the Nepalese pharmaceutical context. We are venturing into a niche therapeutic segment, ophthalmic care, at the beginning.

We will diversify and broaden our product portfolio, prioritizing unmet therapeutic needs. Our journey at Ideal is truly meant to be a milestone in taking our country a step toward the self-sufficiency of medicines.

With the right approach and doing good in our DNA, we are all set to be the most admired and trusted pharmaceutical team in the country.

Thank you!

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