Dr. Kumar Shan Shah


Chairman, Ideal Pharmaceuticals

At Ideal, we believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Our goal is simple, to ensure every Nepali has access to quality health care. We firmly act with uncompromising ethics and loyalty in every facet of the business.

We understand that no journey is easy, especially when you are in the health care industry. With an amalgamation of the right people, the right technology, and the right strategy, we seek to be the most admired and leading of pharmaceutical company of Nepal.

We are and will remain steadfast in our dedication. We will continuously update our knowledge, expertise, and technology to turn our values and mission into a reality.

Right from the inception, we are stepping up to provide the medical fraternity with differentiated products – the first-time in Nepal products and first Nepali brands. We will continue to take the challenge to break out the dogma of copycat/ me too therapeutic segments and products. We will consistently strive to reach our goals through more comprehensive therapeutic segment coverage, higher prescription volume, broader geographical coverage, and an extensive distribution network.

Our strategy’s overriding focus is value innovation, delivering more value to our customers at a price never offered by the industry.

On behalf of the entire board, I am thankful to our employees for your continued support, perseverance, and commitment to our endeavors.

We will always act to make a difference, to create a company that builds a future where patients, prescribers, employees, shareholders, and the country win.

Thank you!

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